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Why Meal Replacement Shakes Work?

If you are one of 120 million Americans trying to lose weight in excess, here’s a hot tip for you:
Don’t go on a diet.
According to recent studies, diets can actually cause WEIGHT GAIN in the long term. It sounds weird, but there are a couple major reasons dieting can cause weight gain


Dieting is hard on your body and your mind!

Dieting is ineffective because it increases chronic psychological stress and cortisol production. Cortisol is known as “the stress hormone” and increased levels of the hormone make you crave sugary, fatty foods.
Basically, Dieting = more stress = more cortisol = higher appetite for junk food = more belly fat.


Research has shown that frequent dieters are more likely than non-dieters to binge eat and gain weight.
If dieting doesn’t work, what’s the answer to weight loss?
The answer might be different for every person, but millions of people have used meal replacement shakes as a SIMPLE way to control hunger and start losing weight.

What are meal replacement shakes?

Everyone knows a meal replacement shake is well, a shake to be used in place of a meal. Doesn’t take much brainpower to figure that one out.
However, ask someone what’s inside a meal replacement shake or how it’s different than a protein shake and you’ll get more confused looks.
A meal replacement shake is NOT a protein shake. A meal replacement shake can and should have an adequate amount of protein, but a meal replacement shake is much more than that.

Meal replacement shakes help you replace high-calorie or unhealthy meals with a lighter, more balanced option. They make the nutrition part of losing weight simple.
Meal replacement shakes designed for weight loss should also contain hunger blockers to keep cravings and appetite under control.

A meal replacement shake:

  • Turns an unhealthy meal into a healthy one (Replaces breakfast, lunch, or dinner)
  • Includes a healthy balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Comes fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Includes fiber and other ingredients to block hunger and reduce cravings

Why do meal replacement shakes work?

So how exactly do these shakes work? Do you just drink them and the weight magically falls off? Not quite. Like anything in life there is an explanation that makes sense.

When it comes to losing weight, you MUST burn more calories than you consume. This is best done with a combination of eating less and moving your body more.

Eating right can be extremely difficult in a world where Mcdonald’s and Dr. Pepper exists. The opportunity and temptation to overeat presents itself nearly every meal nearly every day.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have dieting which is really not any better for your health and waistline. Why? Because most diets fail. Backfire even.

Diets fail because they often restrict too much too quickly leaving dieters hungry, craving everything, and in a poor mood. Once you end the diet, you go right back to your bad habits, binge eat because you’ve been so deprived, and put the weight back on (or more).

It’s a vicious cycle, but meal replacements can help end it! Meal replacements are delicious ways to cut calories without starving or depriving yourself.

When should you drink a meal replacement shake?

Many people enjoy using a meal replacement for breakfast because they are quick and filling. Simply shake and go! Others prefer to have them for lunch or dinner. It’s really up to you!

I would suggest using it for the meal you struggle with most. So if lunch is when you tend to make poor choices and end up eating three cheeseburgers, try a meal replacement shake instead and save yourself hundreds of calories in the process.

Another opportune time to use meal replacement shakes is in the evening as a way to fight cravings. Next time you’re dying for something sweet while watching the Tonight Show, mix up a yummy shake instead of opting for that entire bag of Oreos.

Which meal replacement shake is the best?

Now that you know that meal replacement shakes are effective for weight loss, which one do you choose? Will any old shake do?

When it comes to choosing the right shake, there are some things you are going to need to consider:

  • Does it provide adequate vitamins, minerals, carbs, and protein?
  • Does it taste amazing?
  • Is it a good price?
  • Does it have some sort of hunger blocker to keep you from going hungry?
  • Is there money back guarantee?
  • Is it produced by a serious company with many years of activity?

If the shake you choose can answer all of these questions, chances are it’s a good fit.

Our personal favorite is this meal replacement shake from HERBALIFE. It fits all our criteria for a delicious and effective meal replacement shake.

Here’s why we love HERBALIFE

  1. Price and Ingredient Quality: no doubts about it. A healthy meal with up to 21 vitamins and minerals and essential nutrients. 9 g of protein and fiber help support weight management.
  2. Safe:  The product is available in over 95 countries, in US since 1980, and the use of Herbalife Formula 1, made with vegetal ingredients, is safe: every day millions of Herbalife shakes is consumed. This is the most sold and consumed meal reaplacement shake in the world.
  3. Assistence:  with your shake, a personal coach will help you to reach your goals
  4. Finally, HERBALIFE gives a fantastic 100% money back guarantee on the products.
    If you don’t love it, no problem. Just send it back! There is absolutely zero risk for you. Now that’s ideal. 

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    Weight Loss

    Most meal replacement shakes rely on protein to help you get through the day. Protein also helps rev up the metabolism so you’ll burn more calories, even when you are sitting at your desk. Protein also helps keep you feeling full, so you won’t be reaching for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, helping you cut calories in the long run. These shakes are also perfect for helping you maintain your weight loss, as well.