Preferred Member OR Associate/Distributor? How to choose?


Preferred Members

  • Can purchase Herbalife products at a discount for personal consumption.
  • Are not interested in the business opportunity.
  • They cannot sell or recruit others.
  • Will be considered a Preferred Member once they enroll or convert on or after January 1, 2017.

Charter Preferred Members

  • Existing Members who convert between October 1 and December 31, 2016.
  • Only want to consume the Herbalife products at a discount and are not interested in the business opportunity.
  • They are unable to sell the products or recruit others.


  • Purchase Herbalife products at a discount for personal consumption.
  • Are interested in the business opportunity and earning income from the compensation plan.
  • They build their business by selling the products, recruiting and working with their customers, Preferred Members and other Distributors below them.
  • Until December 31, 2016, current Members may select to become a Charter Preferred Member (CPM).


  • Special product focused ordering site
  • You keep your current discount and it may even go UP
  • Discounted sales tax
  • NO annual fees
  • No required training or meetings
  • New product previews, special promotions to support your product results, special product-focused communications, education and support. No more emails about Distributor events and promotions that you have no interest in at this time.
  • Product purchases subject to sales tax on your actual purchase price after discount instead of the product’s Suggested Retail Price
  • Exclusive access to the Herbalife Advantage Program (HAP), which allows you to set up an order to automatically receive products each month
  • Members move over to CPM at their current discount status and then:
    • Members at 50% remain at 50%
    • Members at 42% may acquire a maximum 50% discount by accumulating personal product purchases of 4000 Volume Points in a consecutive 12-month period*
    • Members at 25% and 35% may acquire a maximum 42% discount by their personal product purchases
    • Move from 25% to 35% by accumulating personal product purchases of 500 Volume Points in a consecutive 12-month period*
    • Move from 35% to 42% by accumulating personal product purchases of 2500 Volume Points in a consecutive 12-month period**As a Charter Preferred Member, YOU may immediately qualify for a higher discount by counting the volume you have purchased over the past 12 months!
  • Maintain your CPM status by purchasing with Herbalife and consuming 500 VP of products annually and receive EXTRA benefits:
    • NO REQUALIFICATION to maintain your discount level
    • NO ANNUAL Membership Services FEE

As an existing Member you will have the unique opportunity to become a Charter Preferred Member as long as you take action before December 31, 2016.

All you have to do is log into your account at and click the box that says “Convert to Charter preferred member” then follow the steps and you are done!

IMPORTANT: If you are doing Herbalife as a business DO NOT convert your account! However if you convert your account now and decide you want to sell the products at a later date you can always convert your account BACK to a Distributor account!


If, in the future, you decide to pursue the Herbalife business opportunity and wish to sell the products and sponsor others, you may convert back to Distributor status at any time at no cost. If you moved up to a higher discount as a Charter Preferred Member, you will maintain that discount only for personal consumption purchases.

Purchases for retail sales will be at the same discount level you had when you originally converted from Distributor to Charter Preferred Member. However, if you had any downline Distributors at the time you converted to a Charter Preferred Member, they will not be moved back under you if you convert back to Distributor status.