Before doing something new, it’s always great to be able to try it out first.  The good news is that you can, with our exclusive trial packs!

This is important for several reasons

  1. We want to help make sure that you get the right products for your needs and that you’ll enjoy using

  2. We want to help make sure that you use the products correctly and see the benefits, in just a few short days

  3. We want to build the foundations for a great working relationship with you​

Inner Nutrition

Our flexible Inner Nutrition sample packs can be used in two different ways – over three or six days – and comes in three different delicious flavour combos.

As well as full, simple-to-follow instructions, you get six sachets of our world-leading F1 Meal Replacement Shake (either six Vanilla or three Vanilla and three Cookies & Cream), and either eight Thermo Complete tablets or six servings of tasty Thermo Tea to have between meals to help speed up your metabolism and give you extra energy.

Three Day Trial

For people looking to manage their weight or change their shape, the Three Day Trial is ideal. Simply mix and enjoy two shakes a day instead of two of your normal meals – you even get to choose which meals to replace!  Enjoy a cup of Thermo Tea or take Thermo Complete (as directed) mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  You then have one healthy balanced meal (and, if you like, we can help you decide what’s appropriate for you).

Six Day Healthy Breakfast

The Six Day Healthy Breakfast Plan has the perfect blend of nutritional elements in a quick and easy to take form.  Boosted with a Thermo Complete tablet or hydrating cup of Thermo Tea mid-morning, you’ll soon notice the benefits of starting your day on a solid foundation of great nutrition.

To help you get the best from our Inner Nutrition sample pack we’ll need to stay in contact with you either by phone (preferred), text or email.  We’re also happy to offer you a FREE Body MOT before you start.

Outer Nutrition

Your skin is one of the most important organs of your body and, to look its best, it deserves the best of care.  You can now try carefully selected products from Herbalife’s dermatologist tested, clinically-proven and paraben-free SKIN range, and see the amazing results for yourself.

SKIN Seven Day Results Kit

Your skin can feel softer and smoother, and look more radiant in just seven days!  Containing sample-sized Soothing Aloe Cleanser, Daily Glow Moisturiser and Replenishing Night Cream plus sachets of Firming Eye Gel and Hydrating Eye Cream, there really is plenty to pamper yourself with.

If you think your friends might also be interested in Herbalife products, why not book a free Shake Party or Pamper Evening – email us for more details.

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